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I (my company) want(s) to have my (its) own homepage (WWW-server). How to do that?

FAQ :  WWW support   

No problem. The most difficult step, as a rule, is to gather the material about you or your company into one big paper heap. This step must be done by yourself because we cannot help you here.

Then you have to decide which kind of WWW hosting do you need. We have two modes:

  1. Homepage
  2. Virtual WWW-server

The first mode allows you to get the address of your homepage as Normaly this mode is applicated in case of personal homepages. Here 'archie' is your login name. As a fact, you have this possibility just after signing the contract because the login for you is settled at that moment. Do the following:

  1. ftp (by any known ftp-client allowing 'put' command upload); login and password must be your mail account.
    For example:
    Connected to
    User: your mailbox name before "@"
    Password: your mail password
  2. You will come to your home directory. Make the www directory in it with mkdir command. (Small letters, it's important!)
  3. Upload all your homepage files into www directory. The starting file must have the name index.html. Be carefull with letters register: it's important. We recommend you to use only small letters to avoid confuse.
  4. Try to go to Sometimes you get an error message which means that your directory is not accessible to world. It's normal because of some security reasons. Just set the permissions you need to
    1. your home catalogue,
    2. www subdirectory and
    3. files you uploaded.
    Probably you have to use the ftp command like that: chmod 755 name_of_directory or chmod 644 name_of_file

    Another way is to have a virtual WWW-server. It looks from outside as (here 'riceba' is something like a name of your company). This mode normaly is applicated in case of a company advertising page. If you would like to have such address you must have your own domain name.

    Both modes are reflected in the corresponding pricelist. There are also prices for the WWW-programming if you want we to make the homepage for you.

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