Vehicle theft is higher today than ever before. In fact, just driving down the street puts you at the mercy of criminals who care more about the value of your vehicle than the value of your life. Whether someone steals your vehicle from a parking lot or even at gunpoint, you need a safe, effective and affordable way to get your vehicle back before it gets to the "chop-shop."

With BlackJax, now you can. BlackJax instantly recognizes carjacking attempts. First it ensures that you need do nothing except get away from this life-threatening situation. Then it sets the trap. Shortly after the carjacker drives away, BlackJax dynamically shuts down the engine and immobilizes your vehicle when it's at a safe distance. Even if your vehicle is stolen out of a parking lot by a thief or joy-rider, the same scenario will occur.

Your car is totally immobilized, no tampering or attempt to restart it will work. With the lights flashing and the siren blaring, the thief has no choice but to run. Once he's gone, you walk a block or two to your car, enter your secret code, and safely recover your car with or without police assistance.

EC-Approved (Europe)
Advanced anti-carjacking response system that let's you safely recover your vehicle
No buttons to push when theres a gur in your face
BlackJax is fully automatic and always working
Autorized driver simply inputs his or her secret PIN code to deactivate
BlackJax is real-word proven to save vehicles and lives
Patented PlanView 2 switch makes PIN code entry easy and convenient
User-selectable 1-4 digit PIN code you can set or reset anytime you wish
Allow thief to drive a short distance away for your safety
Sounds siren and flashes lights less than one minute later
Safety pulses the ignition system, electronically forcing the vehicle to a stop
Thief can't restart the engine, even if he could remove the BlackJax 4 system
Ignores any PIN code guesses of the thief after three incorrect entries
Thief has no choice but to abandon the vehicle in traffic and in front of witnesses
Self-recovery: Just input your PIN code to silence the siren and regain control
Selectable AutoImmobilization
G4 CliffNet DataPort tor acces via your Windows PC
Rugged, high-output siren
Output for connection to car horn
Secure valet/override mode
LED status indicator

User's Manual