Founded in 1976, Clifford Electronics, Inc., pioneered most of the innovations and features found today's modern remote controlled auto security systems. In a time when the car alarm business was very much a cottage industry, Clifford Electronics was the first manufacturer of vehicle security products to move beyond its Southern California base market and emerge as a nationally recognized leader in its field.

Today, as ISO 9001 certified company, Clifford Electronics is a global leader in the field of advanced vehicle security and lifestyle convenience technology. With its extensive vehicle security patents and other intellectual properties, Clifford Electronics is heralded worldwide as the major research and development source in the field of advanced automotive security and convenience electronics.

Innovation, quality and reliability are the hallmarks of Clifford Electronics. And nowhere is that more evident than in each and every one of Clifford's vehicle security system lifestyle-enhancing convenience accessories.

Protect your loved ones and yourself with state-of-the-art electronic systems offering the latest security and convenience features.